Ashley Wollaston

 As an only child raised by a single mom, I spent a lot of my childhood sitting in front of the TV drawing Ren and Stimpy cartoons as accurately as I could on my Magna Doodle. Years later I spend much less time in front of the TV, but I find my inspiration instead in nature, museums, books, classes and artists around me. My style has changed a whole lot over the years (thankfully), but I still pay homage to MTV and 90′s Nicktoons for my early drawing lessons.

I went to college in Massachusetts for Illustration in my early twenties where I focused on figure drawing, watercolor, oil painting and pen & ink; two years in, I decided to get a tattoo apprenticeship rather than finish out my degree. In 2011 I got licensed and moved to Seattle to tattoo at a reputable shop where I could continue to grow, and in April of 2015 I moved to Chicago.

I enjoy tattooing anything from nature, as my portfolio shows, but my drawings and tattoos aren’t limited to that. I also love Tibetan, Buddhist, Hindu, American traditional and Japanese art, pinups, anything weird and “low-brow”, religious imagery, occult imagery, scientific illustrations… I like to do classic and clean tattoos regardless of the content. Contact me via email with any inquiries!


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