Best Time of Year to Get Tattooed is NOW!

Did you know that the best time to get your tattoo is during the fall and winter?Most people think of getting a tattoo in the spring and summer, when it’s hot out, they’re wearing shorts and tank tops and wanting to show off more flesh. Then when cooler weather comes around and the long sleeves and long pants come out, the idea of getting tattooed fades away.

But…in actuality, Cool Weather Months are best for tattoos, heavily tattooed collectors know this, and work on bigger projects (sleeves, back pieces, etc) during the off season and often take a “break” from getting tattooed in the summer months.

Why? Fresh tattoos need to be kept out of the hot sun. Swimming, chlorine and the beaches are a NO NO for new tattoos. Another good reason is to consider the healing. The less exposure your skin gets to the elements, the better off your tattoo will be to heal. Sweat can aggravate a new tattoo and so can the sun. During the winter, your body isn’t exposed to these things as much and tattoos can heal much more quickly without as much chance for infection or fading.  Sun and excessive exposure to water or chlorine can damage a fresh tattoo forever.  If you are going on Vacation in the winter, wait until you return to get tattooed. You paid good money for a tattoo you can be proud of…why wouldn’t you want to keep it looking great?

Summer tattoos are great and a lot of fun to show off and are fine if you are aware that you will have to curtail some of your summer activities for a few weeks.

So…roll up your sleeves and come on in for a tattoo this Fall or Winter.  You will have something fun to show off next spring and you won’t have to skip any pool or beach trips!

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