Crystal Martinez


I’ve loved creating art since the moment I could hold a crayon. I fell in love with this city while studying Fine Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduation I enjoyed a career in Textile and Graphic design in the fashion industry. However, I wanted to do something more creative and meaningful, so I pursued a career as a tattoo artist. Working one on one with clients to help them achieve their vision is very gratifying. Whether it’s coming up with a new idea, honoring a loved one, or covering up a piece of the past. I use my background in painting, and textile design to help me create colorful dynamic tattoos.


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Availability:   Tuesdays & Saturdays ONLY by appointment:   Noon-8pm 

Please note: Crystal is currently only working part time, Tuesdays & Saturdays so she is only taking select projects that fit her style best.  Thank you.

Recent work by Crystal