Guest Artists

Speakeasy does have room for guest spots for custom artists!  Please contact Patrick & Kelly at if you are interested in doing a guest spot in Chicago.

A few of our regular guest artists:
The people listed below are people who have done guest spots in the past or who come regularly. Feel free to contact them to find out when they are coming back and to set up an appointment

  • Linnea Pecsenye
    Linnea Pecsenye- Asheville, NC. Linnea is family at Speakeasy but is now  working at Integrity Alliance Tattoo in Asheville. Linnea tries to do a couple of guest spots per year at Speakeasy. Contact Email:   Instagram: @linneatattoos
  • John Kurse
    John Kurse- Kalamazoo/Detroit, MI. John is based in Kalamazoo MI but does regular guest spots at Speakeasy throughout the year. Hit him up for work when he’s in town. Contact Email: Instagram: @john.kurse
  • Jason Hoodrich
    Jason Hoodrich- Chicago, IL. Jason is a local tattooer who travels and tattoos at Speakeasy when he is in town. He will post on Instagram when he is in town and has availability. Contact Email: Instagram: @jasonhoodrich
  • Mike Riina
    Mike Riina- Lansing, MI. Mike is Co-Owner of Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery in Lansing, MI and a regular at Speakeasy. Mike does several guest spots throughout the year so hit him up for work when he’s in town. Contact Email:     Instagram: @mike_riina
  • Alayna Magnan Alayna Magnan – Los Angeles, CA. Owner of Rabble Rouser Tattoo. Best Ink Season 3, does regular guest spots along with Paul Deters. Email her to find out when her next visit will be.Contact email:   Instagram: @alaynamagnan
  • Paul Deters Paul Deters – Los Angeles, CA. Owner of Rabble Rouser Tattoo. Former full time crew member at Speakeasy now lives in Los Angeles and does regular guest spots. Email Paul to find out when he will be back.Contact email:
    Instagram: @oaf_smash
  • Timothy Hoyer Timothy Hoyer- New York, NYContact email:
  • Apryl Jenkins Apryl Triana- Phoenix, AZ Owner 27 Tattoo Studio Contact email:
  • Jori Lakars Jori Lakars- Stockport, UK, Owner of Kewpie Tattoo Studio Contact email: