Heath Rave- New Work in Progress

Hello all. I’ve been working real hard since I moved here from the
cold north of Minneapolis and just wanted to show a couple more
involved things I started since I’ve been here. The lotus shoulder
piece is on a good friend of mine Liz. She wanted something classy,
yet larger, while still keeping her femininity intact (she’s a
gorgeous lady), and I think we’re hitting the nail on the head here.
Japanese influenced tattoos always work well on the body and will
always stand the test of time whether you’re looking for something
feminine as you see here or something more masculine or tougher, and
are some of my favorite subject matter to work with.
The elephant you see is on my friend Stavros from local Chicago heavy
rockers The Atlas Moth. Here, he let me do whatever I wanted, all he
said was “elephant”. The last few years I’ve been really studying more
traditional type tattoos, but, when I first began I was heavily
influenced by the Chicago and Bay Area tattoo scenes, particularly the
whole Primal Urge crew in San Francisco. Back then I was very much
into the works of Marcus Pacheco, Grime and Phil Holt. With my new
spot at Speakeasy, I’m having a renaissance with my work, and I’m once
again exploring a more fine art aspect to my tattooing. The study of
traditional was great for me, as it really helped me to learn what
makes a good long lasting tattoo, but now I can move forward and push
boundaries again, with dynamic line work, light sources and textures
in my work.
Keep an eye out here for finished photos of these, and more in
progress work and feel free to email me with any ideas you wish to
discuss! My email addres is: heathrave@gmail.com

Visit my website to see more work : www.heathrave.com

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