Patrick blasts poseurs and Tattoo trends in the latest RedEye online

Patrick Cornolo Owner of Chicago Tattoo Shop Speakeasy was quoted in the Redeye this week.

Patrick Cornolo, 42, who owns Speakeasy Custom Tattoo, 1935 1/2 W. North Ave, agrees.

“It’s become very pedestrian,” said Cornolo, who has been inking people for 17 years. “I can remember being scared to death to go into a tattoo shop. I don’t think it’s like that for anybody now.”

“It’s an easy way to look badass really quick,” Cornolo explained. “It gives the illusion you’re heavily tattooed.”

He added that he thinks that’s a “poseur move.”

Cornolo voiced worry that the craft aspect might be disappearing with the increased ease of learning about tattooing online, and he emphasized the importance of the master/apprentice model.

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