Tattoo Aftercare Suggestions- How to take care of your Fresh Tattoo


The care of your tattoo is your responsibility.  How you care for your tattoo in the first few days determines its appearance.


  • Soap and water.  Dial, Safeguard, Lever 2000, Neutrogena are all fine
  • Any non-greasy, fragrance-free, dye-free moisturizing lotion.  Lubriderm, Keri, or Aveeno are recommended
  • (OPTIONAL) Bacitracin, Neosporin, or Vitamin A & D ointment


  • Leave bandage (Saran Wrap) on for at least 2 hours, or as instructed by your artist.
  • Always wash your hands very well with soap before touching your new tattoo.
  • Immediately after the Saran Wrap is removed, wash your tattoo with warm water and mild, fragrance-free soap.  Keep washing and rinsing until all the ointment, blood, and lymph is off.  Excess lymph will cause scabs.  You do want to minimize scabbing.
  • Make sure to rinse well and pat it dry with a clean, disposable paper towel only.
  • Wash your tattoo twice a day until it has healed.


Apply a very small amount of Bacitracin, Neosporin, or Vitamin A & D ointment on your tattoo with clean hands after the first washing.  Blot it off with a dry paper towel.

This is the only time you will use the ointment.


For the next couple of days your tattoo will become dry and flaky or maybe scab.  Use one of the recommended lotions when ever the tattoo feels dry or tight.  Start doing this the 3rd day. Rub the lotion so it absorbs into your skin. If you cake it on, your skin can’t breathe.

If a scab forms it will be the color of the ink.  That does not mean the ink is coming off.

Your tattoo may look dull until it has completely healed.

This is a normal course of healing and will clear up in a few weeks.

          WHAT NOT TO DO

  • DO NOT use other kinds of ointment besides the ones recommended.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or cortisone.
  • DO NOT use sponges, washcloths, or brushes. (they can harbor bacteria)
  • DO NOT pick at, peel, or scratch your healing tattoo.  Let the dead skin fall off naturally.
  • DO NOT let anyone else touch your healing tattoo.
  • DO NOT soak in a lake, tub, or pool.  All of these can contain bacteria.
  • DO NOT expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight or tanning beds for 2-3 weeks.  After this time a high SPF sun block is needed to protect your color.

                                        ENJOY YOUR NEW WORK OF SKIN ART!!!

If you have doubts or questions, by all means call!   On the off chance that your tattoo becomes infected, please call a physician and have it checked out.

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